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Microsoft Outlook 365

This video-based course teaches you how to work professionally with Outlook 365 and how to use it for your e-mail correspondence and scheduling.

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Microsoft Outlook 365

The following video-based training offers a compact and practice-oriented overview of the professional use of Microsoft Outlook 365.

We will introduce you to the Outlook application window and show you how to customize it to your needs. You will learn how to keep order and clarity in Outlook, but also how to utilize Outlook for your teamwork. You will see how to write and send e-mails, how to add attachments, and how to effectively manage your e-mails. In addition, we will familiarize you with the security risks involved in handling e-mails. You will learn more about the People-module, where you create contacts and maintain your address list. We will explain how to schedule appointments and meetings with the Outlook calendar, and how to use Outlook to keep track of your tasks.


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